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Monday, January 23, 2012

not your average sneakers

Now, I was never a big sneaker fan. I always went by the notion that sneakers should only be worn if working out or doing some sort of physical activity (and I still believe that's true). However, there are a few types that I think are perfectly fine to wear out and about (and by 'out and about' I mean a casual Saturday walking around the city, not to a nice dinner). And, of course, with an appropriate outfit (skinny jeans, casual tee, maybe some layering, cute scarf, accessories...). The below styles give a different meaning to 'sneakers.'

from Bensimon

from Superga

from Converse

from Warrior

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  1. Are the bensimon sneakers comfortable?

  2. Very! It depends what you'd be buying them for. If for any athletic activity or exercise I'd say no, but if just as a cute sneaker to wear out and about - they are perfect. It's a lightweight material and very comfy to walk in, AND SUPER CUTE!