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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a portrait is worth a thousand words

I love a really great piece of artwork. Who doesn't? I love even more portraits.  It's a great addition to your own home or apartment, but also can be a really great gift. My favorite portrait artist is none other than JoEllen Cornrich.  She captures every last detail of the subject she paints. She doesn't only paint people's faces, but she does pets, as well. I was fortunate enough to have a little Q & A session with her.  Check out her answers below, some images of her work, and of course her website here: JoEllen Cornrich

From Prosecco to Plaid: Have you always been passionate about painting?
JoEllen Cornrich: As long as I can remember, I have always done art. The passion has always been present. It picks you...you don't pick it! That is the driving force. 

P to P: How did you decide you wanted to paint portraits? 
JC: I  have trained and experimented in many aspects of art. My work is quite diverse and I enjoy working on multiple projects. However, I decided to focus on portraiture as my main business knowing that  it seemed to come naturally to me. Capturing a precise likeness defines the difference between good and great!

P to P: Besides painting, what are three of your other passions?
JC: I love everything in the arts! I have done ballet my entire life, I play the piano, and also enjoy culinary arts as well!

P to P: Is there anywhere else, besides through your website, where people can purchase your art?
JC: My work is purchased on a commission basis. I have exhibited at galleries and juried shows. I also partner with several pet stores for my pet portraits. I have studios in Cleveland and Chicago.

P to P: What are three things about yourself that no one would ever guess?
JC: Nobody would believe that I am really shy! I am a perfectionist. I like to have my alone time.

JC: I  started my portrait business over 10 years ago. I can not believe how many portraits I have completed. The gratification given as well as received has been immeasurable! I thank all the wonderful people and pets, past present and future for their support!


Many thanks to JoEllen for taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for me.  Happy painting!

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