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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jul's Gems

I have officially been a Houstonian again for 4 days. 'Y'all' has not entered my vocabulary yet, the weather has been amazing and not humid (in due time I know this humidity situation will be changing), boxes do not fill the apartment anymore, the heavy lifting is (mostly) done, if Bed Bath & Beyond had a 'customer of the month' award, oh you better believe I would be receiving it, and my boyfriend and I had a quiet night out last night sans talk of moving, furniture, or bedding. All in all, my official beginning as a Houstonian has been a great success! Some of my gems for the moment.

beautiful flowers awaiting my arrival on Friday

a piece of the kitchen
(oil & vinegar bottles from Bed Bath & Beyond, salt & pepper holder from Bering's)

fun and colorful bangles

love this romper
from Parker

my nail polish this week
'Cute as a Button' from Essie

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