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Friday, December 16, 2011

fashion + comfort = heaven (aka Bloch)

I know we all have tons of ballet flats currently in our closet.  It's one of those items that every girl can't get enough of. From different colors to patterns to textures, the options are endless. I live in ballet flats. If I could wear them year round, oh you better believe I would (but the snow and/or rain shatters that dream).  I have different colors, brands, textures; I'm kind of obsessed. However, my absolute favorite ballet flats of ALL time would be none other than Bloch.  When I say they are the most comfortable shoe I've ever owned, I actually mean it's like walking on butter (seriously).

Bloch started as a technical dance shoe company and the man (a shoemaker) that started the company way back in the day was dating a professional dancer at the time. She complained of her feet hurting and he created and designed the most comfortable ballet dance shoe around. From there, a business grew. Years later, Bloch technical dance shoes turned into Bloch fashion shoes. How cute of a story is that?! They have all sorts of styles - from very simple to very embellished. There is something for everyone!

The next time you're in the market for a ballet flat (which should really be any day now because they are extremely vital to one's collection of shoes), you should not buy anything except Bloch. It will be one of the better decisions you've made. I can guarantee it.

(a sampling)

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