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Friday, December 23, 2011

vacation essentials

I used to loathe packing. I would have done anything to hire someone to do it for me.  As time went on, I really somehow grew to like it.  When I'm not in overpack mode, I more or less plan out my outfits, mix and match and merchandise things together, get in the vacation mindset (of course while drinking a glass of wine, listening to some good tunes). I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow and thought I'd share a few, what I believe to be, essentials for a vacay to the tropics.

1. Printed shorts (Missoni inspired from Pookie & Sebastian)
2. Straw hat (from Urban Outfitters)
3. Necklace that you can throw on over a beach-y outfit (from LF)

4. Jean shorts (from Earnest Sewn)
5. Fringe tee (from Urban Outfitters)
6. Fabulous sunnies (from Chloe)

7. Denim button down (from Madewell)
8. Colorful bathing suit (from Canyon Beachwear)
9. Fun scarf to wear as a headpiece or draped around your neck (from Laila Rowe)

Bon Voyage!

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